About Special Pet Foods

I have been raised around pets since childhood. All of our pets were kept indoors and became part of the family. My own family continues this tradition by being “pet parents” ourselves.

The inspiration for this website was our nine-year-old German Shepherd, Sable. She was diagnosed with EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) three years ago. If that wasn’t enough, she began having allergic reactions to her food. Through the process of elimination, we found out the culprits were chicken, turkey and soy. Try finding food that doesn’t contain chicken somewhere buried in the ingredients!

Even though I worked at a pet food and supply distribution company, it was still challenging to find the proper food to relieve her discomfort. Finding hypoallergenic foods was an arduous task. I also had a hard time finding treats, shampoos and other beneficial products to help our girl.

These past three years, I have often found myself going through countless websites to shop for food and compare prices, ingredients, etc. I have to keep multiple tabs open, bouncing back and forth in a frustrated effort to make the correct decision. Many pet parents, just like me, probably find themselves in the same situation.

My thought - there has to be a better way!

- Thomas Robb


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