"As you know, we are in "allergy" season! Ugh!  Did you know your pet can show signs of allergic reactions.  Symptoms and or signs to watch for are bumps over the face and muzzle spreading to the rest of the body, redness, vomiting problems breathing, swelling around the eyes, itching and licking in area affected. Collapsing is also a sign.  If any of these occur - call your Vet!!"

"Riley ( our dog) has had this toy since she joined our family, Dec 19th.  As you can see, she has played hard with it. She has used it from baby teeth to "big" girl teeth, and the tag is still on and intact!!!    That is the kind of quality toys you'll find at Special Pet Foods!!   Come and check for your self.


"Just some info that may help in the future:  

When you bring that special pet home; make sure you schedule an appointment with your Vet, as soon as possible."